Greenhouse trials occur with farms and educational institutions all over the world, the management layer of data capture can be challenging. The industry can benefit from a universal information tracking system.

What is Trial Tracker?

Trial Tracker is a quick and easy way to access, monitor and measure the performance of plant trials throughout the duration and learn about the trials as they are taking place. Efficiency and cost savings are gained by allowing for increased engagement throughout the trial growing period, which can stop problems in growth before they start. With detailed tracking information and self assessment reports, Trial Tracker provides greater knowledge for future buying decisions, and market acceptance at all levels.


  • Intuitive navigation and user interface
  • Various user permissions and access
  • Excel and PDF export capabilities for easy reporting
  • Dashboards
  • Printable PDF Trial Report Summaries in presentation form
  • Manage data for multiple trials from various breeders
  • Instant upload of crop images

Trial Tracker is a universal information tracking system that proves beneficial to many different verticals in the industry. Select the vertical of your choice below to learn more: